Photo of Herb Quady

Herb Quady: Fearless leader, Chief Instigator, President for Life, Assistant Bottlewasher. 

Herb grew up on the family winery in Central California with a compulsory love for Muscat, but after an accidental exposure to the world of Rhone varieties at the hand of the infamous Randall Graham, he became obsessed with the idea of making (gasp!) table wines.  After earning his winemaking props at Fresno State, he eventually found his way into the great unknown of Southern Oregon. While working as the winemaker for Troon Vineyard, Herb and his wife Meloney founded Quady North in 2006.

Photo of Brian Gruber

Brian Gruber: Associate Winemaker, Partner

Brian Gruber started working with Quady North in 2009 and co-founded Barrel 42 Custom Winecraft with Herb Quady in 2014.  Prior to Barrel 42, Brian spent five years at Troon Vineyard, filling numerous roles including vineyard management, winemaking, production, and general management.  Brian came to Troon from Capital One, where he had an 11-year career as an executive in the Human Resources, Finance and Information Technology fields.  Brian also spent five years in the wine industry in Virginia, creating and managing Walnut Grove Vineyards.

Photo of Nichole Schulte

Nichole Schulte - Assistant Winemaker, Partner

Nichole fell in love with Rhône varietals while studying wine law at the Université Jean Moulin in Lyon, France. Back in the States, she finished her law degree at Louisiana State University's Paul M. Hebert Law School. Nichole spent several years practicing law in Louisiana before relocating to Oregon in 2012. The unique terroir of Southern Oregon's Applegate Valley reminded her of her beloved Rhône Valley. After working with O-Rhône-Gonians Herb and Brian at Troon for several vintages, she joined the Quady North winemaking team as Assistant Winemaker.

Photo of  Sara Garr

Sara Garr - Production Team

Sara worked as a wine steward in a local specialty foods store for two years before joining us for harvest in 2014. At the specialty store, she was exposed to benchmark examples of what great wine is around the world, which has given her a real appreciation for the varietal diversity we enjoy here in Southern Oregon. She is ALMOST done with her Applied AssociatesDegree in Science of Viticulture and Enology from Umpqua Community College, and hopes to (possibly) continue her education in the Master of Wine Program. In her spare time, Sara enjoys putting cheese plates together, tending the urban garden at Barrel 42, buying obscene amounts of houseplants, fishing, and discovering new beers and ciders with friends. She also hopes to launch her own wine label very soon! 

Photo of Dawn Roelke

Dawn Roelke - Bookkeeper

After graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree, Dawn quickly realized she wanted to "not be an engineer". Taking a job with MCA recording studios proved to be far more entertaining. After only 3 years however, the red tape of big corporation life seemed stiffling and Dawn made the leap to self-employment. She spent 15 years as a General Contractor - launching that career only 3 months before the big Northridge Earthquake which created a sea of customers (pure luck). After relocating to Southern Oregon with her husband and daughter, Dawn decided to search out part time work. In March of 2009, Dawn was the first employee hired by Quady North.

Photo of Darius Price

Darius Price - Sales Manager, Wine Club Manager

Darius helped build sales for Owen Roe before deciding to move back to Southern Oregon with his young family.  He has a passion for alcoholic beverages of all types, constantly seeking to taste, describe and understand the wide world of wine and spirits.   In his free time he enjoys trying other wines, beers, and especially whiskey. 

Photo of Joe Chepolis

Joe Chepolis - Direct Sales Manager

Recent State of Jefferson transplant from the parched shores of the Great Salt Lake. Taking an ever-growing passion for sniffing out compelling wines of all stripes, this enfant terrible  traded a career in the cycling/ action sports industry for one in the burgeoning So. Oregon wine world.  Cyclist. Design nerd. Yacht rock aficionado. 

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Applegate Vineyard Management

Our sister company, Applegate Vineyard Management, custom farms several hundred acres of vines in the Applegate and Rogue Valleys.  Consuelo Holguin and her crew specialize in tailoring specific farming to the needs of their clients.  For more information, contact Herb Quady at